Meadow Kaye is a Brooklyn, NY, based artist who mainly works in Photography and Ceramics, she studied Fine Arts at Bowling Green State University and graduated in 2021. Meadow works as a photo editor for Getty Images and continues to take photos in her free time.
While in school, she photographed mainly using the large format camera to capture generational traumas she has witnessed, using the camera to objectify the environment she observes and the family she grew up around. Her ceramic work focuses on the small details found within geological formations while skewing them with abstract paintings found within the forms. During her time at BGSU, she was taught under the photographer Lynn Whitney and ceramic artist John Balistreri.
Meadow has won first place in the BGSU Undergraduate Art exhibition multiple years and received the Tom and Jane Vanden Eynden Award in 2020 and 2021 for her work. She also received Monnier Family Foundation Outstanding Artist Award in 2021 for her BFA thesis “Family Portraits: A Study of Generational Trauma” and her community involvement at BGSU.
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